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Sunday, January 11, 2009

My 1st Japanese Treat this year!

Yesterday (a.k.a Saturday), my aunt brought us took us out for dinner. (Thanks Aunty!!! ^3^) We were discussing where to go when suddenly she said;

"How 'bout Japanese cuisine?"

My cat-ears twitched excitedly at the suggestion and I could feel my heart thumping like a happy 10-year-old when my mom replied;

"This girl (she was indicating me, of course) likes Japanese food..."

Then, it was settled; Japanese cuisine, here we come!!!

We headed to Pavilion (which was a beautiful place and was worth exploring)and entered Ichiban Boshi. Everything there was OMG!!! (In a good way!)

Me, in front of the restaurant...

Here some of the food we tried...
Deep Fried Salmon Skin for appetizers...

Kushiyaki Moriawase a.k.a Japanese Satay

Deep Fried Tempura Ice Cream *drool*
And of course Green tea! (I ADORE the cup!!!)

Well, these were only a few of the dishes we tried... And they were all simply OISHII!!!

If I were to rate, I would give the food 5/5, service 4/5 (A slight miscomm happened during our order, but it turned ok ^_^).

I'll definitely go there again if given the chance... And I'm gonna bring company... LOL
(Jess, Dedz, Pan2, Kiko... U're da closest... BEWARE!!! hehehe...)


dyradyana said...

beznya jejalan ngn mom n aunty..siap p mkn fav cuisine..wa!jeles2=)
btw, pavilion mmg OMG...tp nk shopping(sdiri-student lg) pikiaq dua 3 kali..hahah

apa2pon, slamat menempuh sem 6 dgn jayanya(dedicate 2 maself oso) ngeri kn sem ni...(<____>)

RiEn_Akio said...

Ya... Huhuhu... Mmg teda niat mo shopping sana... Mo cuci mata jak... hehehe... ndak pn gi tgk wyg ja... Haha!

Pudina Lee said...



Kite tgu dan lihat...:)

RiEn_Akio said...

No prob, Pudina Lee!!! Meh la!!! LOL

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Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)
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