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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My "Reflectia"

Well... I've learnt a lot during the practicum... and the "lessons" continues on... but just to share with you, I've listed some here... Perhaps they might give some insight... or probably just give you a good laugh... ^_^

Situation 1 : On my first day of teaching, I did a bit of ice breaking where the students introduced themselves to me... After the last student introduced himself...

Me: Okay, thank you for introducing yourselves! Since there so are many of you, please give me some time to memorize your names and...-

(Okay, that was my first MISTAKE!!!)

Student A: Teacher! Teacher! What's my name???
Me: (Caught off guard) H-Huh???
Student B: Me? Teacher? What's my name???
Student C: How 'bout me, teacher???

Before I knew it, the whole class was asking me if knew their names!!! Eeep!!! O.O;;;

Moral of the story? Don't EVER mention "please give me some time to memorize your names"!!!

Situation 2: Okay, if you're supposed to relieve a class, no exercises left by the teacher, the kids are "free"... What would you do?

As for me: Let them do their own work! Just set the rules;
1. NO leaving class WITHOUT permission
2. CONTOL their "noise volume"
3. Mau "wrestling/gusti tangan"? - I'm cool with that BUT if you TOPPLE the tables AND chairs... You're done!
4. NO disturbing/harassing/bullying friends are allowed either! >:(

Situation 3 (In one of my classes):

(I was searching for a whiteboard marker when a student from the back called me)
Me: Yes?
Student A: Teacher... (In a soft, whining voice)

(I thought he was not well...So, concerned, I asked);

Me: What's wrong?
Student A: I miss you, teacher...
Me: ...Huh??? (The word slipped out of my lips...)

(I could hear few stifled giggles as I allow a smile remained glued to my face...)

Student A: You don't miss me ka teacher???
(His friends were giggling again... I pretend not to hear him as I continued to write on the board.)
Student B: Ala.... Cikgu ndak kesian dia ka cikgu??? Tinguk! Mo nangis suda dia!!!
Student A: Ya, cikgu... Ndak kesian saya ka???
(More stiffled laughter...)

In my mind, I could hear myself say; "Dei... mmg masi budak lg dorg ni... ^_^;

Situation 4:
We had about 5 minutes left before the bell rings so I chatted with my students in class... just to encourage them to speak in English... I was correcting a student's pronunciation and...

Student A: Nah, see??? That's why la you! "Padetic"!!!(he was trying to say "Pathetic" to his friend whom I just corrected)
Me: (Slightly annoyed) "Pa-" what? Do you even know what that means?
Student A: (Confidently) I know, teacher!
Me: Okay, what does it means?
Student A: Err... heheh... No, teacher... I don't know....
Student B: Ahahaha! Budu! XD
Student A: Diamla ko! Ko la budu!
Me: (Chuckle) You don't even know what it means, and you still want to say that it? ...Where did you get that word?
Student A: From TV, teacher!
Student B: Yeah, teacher! We learn a lot from the TV, teacher!
Me: Yeah, I bet mostly from those action movies, huh?
Both: (Excitedly) Yes, teacher! The TV's teaching us bad things...- That's why la... We like this...

(They kept cutting each other's sentences)

Me: Uhuh... So, you DO know some of it are not good influences, right?
Me: Then... why'd you copy them?

(Few seconds of silence)

Student B: It's him teacher! (Points at friend) He's the bad influence!
Student A: Eh, mana ada! Ko la tu bad influence! You "padetic", you!!!
Me: ^_^;;;

Situation 4:
Wednesday - Hari Ko-Kum... (So kena pki baju Pandu Puteri la...)

(I was walking towards my class when...)

A student from the class I was heading to: WAAAAHHH!!! (Singing manner) Dia memakai baju serba biru~!!!
Another student: (Continued singing) Dia nampak cantik berseri~ dalam baju biru~!!!
Me: -_-;;

(Looks like I can be spotted from a mile away...)

Situation 5:
I gave group work to my students and I was checking each groups' progress as they continue along...

Me: (Stopped at Group 3) So how're you getting on?
Group 3: Good, teacher! :D
Me: Okay... can I see? (Checked their mind map) Hmm, okay! Keep it up! ^_^
Student A: Uissh! That's because I'm here ba that, teacher! I did all this, teacher!!!
Group members: Yala tu! Eleh!!!
Student A: Btul ba!!! (Looks at me) See, teacher? I did it all ba, teacher!!! Dorg ni duduk ja, teacher!!!
Me: No, I saw your friends doing the work too! So you can't say things like that...
Group members: Nah, kan! Padan muka! Teacher nampak ba!!!
Me: (Chuckle) Okay, okay! Continue with your work! All of you are doing great!
Student A: Okay, teacher! No problem ba tu! I'll do anything for you... (looking straight at me in a somewhat innocent way)
Me: (Dlm hati: O-kay???) Ahahaha...... ^_^;;;

(I was about to turn and check on the other groups when...)

Student A: Teacher! teacher!
Me: (Slightly alarmed) Huh? What's wrong?
Student A: Teacher ada peluh, teacher! (Pointing at my forehead)

(Yeah... their classroom was humid... @.@; But I didn't realize I was sweating like crazy til then!)

Student A: Sini, teacher! Let me help!!! (Taking out a handkerchief)
Me: (Dlm hati: Uh-oh!) Haha! Thanks ___. I think I'll do that myself... Thanks for telling me though! ^_^;;; (Scurries off to another group)

Well... so far, that's a few that I recalled... for now... I'll add on again soon... ^_^

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Act of Kindness...

Last Tuesday, I had a class with 2*...and honestly, I wasn't feeling well. (Due to lack of sleep over the past few days...)

I was aware of the Ss' characters; extremely cheerful and energetic...

So... with the way I was feeling at that moment... How would my class management go?

I decided to ask for cooperation/consideration. So I wrote;

"I am asking for your consideration. I am not feeling well today so please don't make me shout at you..."

And prayed.

I could hear them reading my note aloud to the very last sentence, then...

"Ui! Cikgu ndak sihat! Jan kamu bising sana!" I heard the class monitor.

"Shh! Diam ba kamu!" Another girl scolded the boys.

Up to this point, I could hear most of them shushing each other. I slowly turn to face them, feeling touched... I smiled at them with gratitude... and they returned it.

The boys soon grew noisy again, yet, I do notice their "noise level" were at a minimum... and the girls will continue doing the shushing...

So, the show must go on... I conducted my lessons as planned, even though there were a few glitches, but the activities were completed.

This class... really know how to play with my heart strings...

They can be "chaotic" at times... and those times are VERY frequent...(to the extend of getting a rope and tying them onto their chairs and duct-tapping their mouths... Well, not all of them, of course! And obviously, I can only do this in my head...LOL)

But that day...I really wanted to hug all them and hug them tight!!!

But all I could say was "thank you"...and get warm smiles in return...

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)
Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler

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Red. Alerts.

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