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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alice Nine

I didn't know how I stumbled upon this group (I think I was saw it in someone's blog) but they somehow caught my attention...(Fyi, if you look @ da pic I used at "New.Try.Outs" that's the same pic that caught my attention) And I tried to listen to one of their song, (Apparently, this one...) I find it not bad! ^_^

Japanese rock bands are soooo different from ours!!! (Which was another thing that caught my interest, btw.) Besides that, I found a blog about them. You can check it out by clicking Alice Nine's pic.
P/S: I think I'm beginning to fall for Shou, their vocalist and Nao, the drummer... (Uh-oh...)


TR-JC / 3D-JC said...

You can find them featured regularly in Japanese visual kei magazine Shoxx.

Jessica_Lyne said...

pretty pretty boys ~stares dreamily into space~ d drummer's mine though..haha

RiEn_Akio said...

Jessica_Lyne - Noooo...!!!! Jess! I like him too!!!XOXOXO

TR-JC / 3D-JC - Oh, I see! thanx 4 da tip! ^_^

TR-JC / 3D-JC said...

Hmmm, probably can also find them in the Japanese magazine Cure. Enjoy.

Pudina Lee said...

Wah, Alice Nine.
i've heard of em bfore..
if u like em i think u might like these guys too......or not..lol
try listenin to them too:


i like the white haired guy..

oh yeah, if u're wondering y there's a girl-like-guy there...
he's playin cosplay, well all of em are...
they like to cosplay in all of their performances.
but..sedih part is they've disbanded alredy...sedih..:(

RiEn_Akio said...

TR-JC / 3D-JC - Thanx again! ^3^
Pudina Lee - Ok, I'll check da link and get back 2 u soon..ne?

Ok, need some beauty sleep now... got lectures in da morning... haha...

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