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Friday, January 30, 2009

Another day... Another Adventure....

Hi, all! Sorry coz I haven't uploaded anything in awhile...

1. I was feeling feverish 4 a few days now... and yeah, now caught cold... huhuhu...
2. Was catching up with my CSI Season 7... (Heheh)
3. Feeling too lazy to update... LOL

Neway, we planned this activity last nite; Deciding, agreeing, called few friends, and looked 4wrd to da nxt day...

Who's in? Me, Kiko (The ring leader), Pan2, Jess, Khai, Hanna, Kichi, Jackie (Our "rose" among da "thorns"...) LOL
Where were we heading? SUNWAY PYRAMID
Main objective? ICE SKATING!!!

8++ a.m.
-Pan2 woke us all up... Bright n early... (Urh! I'm x a morning person!...Still, arigato Panchan! lol)
-Everyone started to get themselves ready...

9.15 a.m. - 10++ a.m.
- Head 4 the taxi/bus station
- Headed to Komuter
- Waited 4 the others to arrive
- Took KTM to Subang Jaya
- Frm Subang station took a bus to Sunway Pyramid

-Walked around a bit...
- Got lost... Seperated...
- Called each other...
- Met up at the skating rink ticketing counter
- Since the rink needed to be "re-polished", we decided to go 4 lunch 1st...
(Had simple sushi-bento 4 lunch... OISHII!!! LOL)

12.4+p.m./1.00 p.m. - onwards
- GOT IN THE RINK!!! (Oh Yeah...!!!)
*All of us except Khai... She decided to explore Sunway Pyramid instead... ^_^
- After a few awkward moves, I got da hang of it... (But still went a bit slow)
- Round 1:
1) Tried to encourage friends to continue moving around da rink
2) Mula syok sendiri - Got seperated again
3) After a few rounds, went to seat down... (Da skating shoes were getting to be a PAIN!!!)
*While I was looking 4 a seat, Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" was on air!!! (WHY did they put it on when I was NOT in the RINK??? I wanted to skate to that song!!! LOL) *Pan2 went to Surau
- Round 2:
1) Scanned through the crowd to find familiar faces.
2) Saw Jess and I started to skate 2wards her... n tried avoiding from getting bumped by other skaters...
3) *WHACK!* I was hit! But lucky for me, he wasn't that fast, so I didn't fall down. (I remember the guy coz one, he MADE SURE I was okay be4 he resumed skating... and two, his
orange shirt; It had "SORRY, I'M LATE!" on it!)
4) Found Jess and started to skate with her for awhile... be4 we got seperated again...

- Skating rink needs another polish... All skaters; GET OUT! (LOL)
- Went to washroom with Jess while the others sat down to rest their sore legs...

- Round 3
1) I was able to skate independently by now... (but still x as good as Hanna.... huhu...)
2) There were MORE people than be4, causing the rink to be VERY crowded!
3) I was at the middle of the rink and wanted to head to the sides to take a break...
4) *CRASH!* I was DOWN!!! This time, it was a young boy with his sibling that bumped into
me... (But they were sweet to apologize and help me up again...Not like I was pissed or
anything... LOL)

3.00 p.m. - onwards
- Had enough skating for one day... We decided to re-group and plan our next activity
- Discovered we were too EXHAUSTED to do anything else, so we decided to go home... LOL
- We snapped some pics, say our goodbyes and took a cab home...

4.++ p.m.
- Arrived home with a SPLITTING HEADACHE!!! (Yup...PLUS my nose became runny
AND it was my 1st day of period...Yayy...)
- Tried to sleep, but suddenly; *GROWL~* my stomach grumbled... =_=; (I nearly cried!)
- Forced myself to get up, fixed myself bread n jam (da quickest thing 2 prepare), ate it
- Went to sleep

7.33 p.m.
- Woke Pan2 for Maghrib prayer
- Felt my fever rose to 38-39 degrees...
- Pan2 offered me some of her Panadols since I ran out of mine... (Hontoni arigato, Pan-chan!)
- Drowsily head for te kitchen to cook something to eat...
*Too lazy to cook rice so, had French Fries n an apple for dinner...
- After shoving the Panadols down my throat, my temperature seems to go down, n my
headache's reduced.
- Decided to surf the net be4 heading to an early night... (*Looks at clock* 11.52 p.m... Is this still
considered "early"...?)

Another thing I discovered during our skating adventure was, everyone in the rink were very nice and helpful. They would apologize if they bump into you, help you up if you fall and won't let go of your hand until they are confident that you were REALLY okay... You won't be teased, instead you'll be encouraged, you'll get more smiles and laughter than cold, disgusted stares... I really liked the atmosphere in the rink because of all these qualities... ^_^

Overall, despite of being aware that I'm not well... and returning home with "severe punishments" to be dealt with... I had lots of fun today. Hopefully, we'll return and skate again soon... ^_^

The gloves n ticket as proof of our purchase... ^_^

Look at the crowd...!!!

Me, Hanna n Kichi


dyradyana said...

besh nya...jeles...uwaaaa...nk ikut jg p pyramid...waaa

Jessica_Lyne said...

we were like losing and finding each other masa tu kan...haha. neways, sunway soon! :-)

RiEn_Akio said...

Dyradyana: No worries! Nxt round, we'll all go together, k? LOL

Jess: Yup, hehe... It was tiring, but fun! N yes, my dear! Sunway's da next destination! LOL

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