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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Girl From Hell is BACK!!!

I was just browsing some torrent sites few days back and I stumbled upon the latest Jigoku Shoujo anime!!! It's called "Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae"
I'm currently downloading it!!! I read the synopsis and damn! I'm getting anxious!!! I hope it'll be scarier than it's previous seasons!!!

Want to know more bout the storyline/synopsis? Go here ==> http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=9678

If you're interested in downloading it, just go to http://www.animesuki.com/ and type the anime title in the "Search" box.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My 1st Cosplay Convention!

Okay, so it's not exactly MY convention... What I meant was, it was my first time ever GOING to one... N I still can't believe I DID!!! XD

It was held @ Asia City Complex, KK, Sabah from the 6-7 Dec 08, done by hobbycon. I got to know bout this from my bro's friend... And all of us (3 of my bro's buddies, my bro n me) went to check it out! Here're some of the picts from the event;

Look at da crowd!!! (O.O)
Local manga artists @ work
Dis is my old school-mate from primary school... I didn't expect to see her here... PLUS, as a cosplayer!!! LOL

The girl happen 2 be my bro's friend... OMG, she's tall!!! (O.O);
These are some of the artwork done by local Sabahan
manga artists...
And just as we were about to leave, this very energetic looking pup caught our attention... (Aww... Cuuuttte!!!) Here, "Ssulja"!!! LOL XD

As an overall, I really had a great time during the event. But there were two things that I had to "note-to-self"...

1. LEARN TO POSE!!! (Yep... I suck in pictures! I like taking other's pictures but when it comes to me... hmm.... -_-;)
2. Okay, there was one incident where my brother met an old friend (Among a few others... Damn, my bro's too popular!!! LOL) . When this guy approached us, I was thinking;
"Whoa!!! Good-looking guy approaching!!!"
Then it hit me;
"This guy look a whole like EIJI WENTZ!!!" (O.o)
Really!!! About... 85% the same!!! (Most obvious differences was his height and eyes)

*GASP* MAJOR Dokidoki!!!

As he chatted away with my bro, I stood there like an idiot, not knowing what to do! I wanted to take a picture with him but I thought;
"Yeah, so how do I ASK him???"
Should I say;
"Wow, you're HOT! Can I take a picture with you?"

...As IF I would even put those words in my tongue!!! And thanks to my "debating-mind", I blew my chance!!!


(Moral of the story: Sometimes, just SUCK IT UP AND ASK FOR WHAT U WANT!!!) Later, my brother mentioned that he used to come to our house to play PS games (But I didn't remember...Argh! CRAP!!!) PLUS, he's our COUSIN!!! (Well, distant cousin...) I went;
I was in shock for the next few seconds before resuming to the original activity...
And whether you'll believe me or not, that was what happened to me on 07 Dec 2008...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


LOL! Hi y'all! Yes, as you can see, these are my latest creations... My mom just got the recipe and we decided to try it out for a potluck we'll be attending... They are chocolate chip cookies with peanuts, if you were still guessing... ^_^

We're pleased with the outcome of these cookies since it's considered our "trial-batch" (They're YUMMY, believe me!!!) and according to my mom, there's a story behind the making of this cookies... But I'll fill you all in bout it later, kay? I haven't really gotten the whole story yet... LOL

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shibatora UPDATE!!!

Finally!!! Shibatora has been completely subbed!!! YAYYY!!! For more info on where to get it the subs, (or the series) scroll down to my first Shibatora update below... Happy downloading/watching! ^_^

Laskar Pelangi - NIDJI

I heard this song once or twice, tho it had a nice rhythm, I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics... Then my bro asked me about it and we heard it from the radio... before I knew it, I fell in LOVE with the song! Love it, love it LOVE IT!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Currently watching...

Saiyuki =Burial=

OMG!!! They're back as HOT as EVER!!! I missed them soooooo much!!! XDXDXD

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shibatora subtitle Ep 10

Hi all! Fyi, Shibatora's latest subtitle (Ep 10) is already out! (Yayy!!!) So if u wanna download it, just go to: -


One more episode 2 go!!! (^_^)V

P.S: If u wanna download the series PLUS the subs, go to:-


I suggest you guys choose the ones with Queerbeet's name coz that's already subbed. And yes, you'll need a Torrent software to download these episodes!!! (39/SanKyu QUEERBEET!!!^3^)

If you don't have one, try downloading from:-




I don't know of any other torrent softwares, but I've experienced using these two and they're quite good! ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Few days have passed since my return home...


It's been roughly 5 days I since I returned home...
and just as expected, I won't really feel the holiday... huhuhu...

I'm helping my mom out by being her "secretary" and at times, I'll be helping my bro out as well... when he wants me to, that is... participating in some associations' activities...bla...bla...

...And at the moment... I've caught a bit of cold and sore throat... *sob* ...and I have no idea where my G-Pen is... (I fear I lost it...)*sob**sob*

The weather's been a bit gloomy too... since it'll rain almost everyday... so it's hard for me to do my laundry, which has been piling up... (Yikes!)

But, hey! Despite it all, I'll try to enjoy this short break whenever I can! ^_^ (Starting by getting rid of this cold and sore throat!!!) and besides, all these little "errands" will help keep me away from boredom... I guess... LOL (I just hope I'll be able to handle them all!)

Still, I've gotta get my G-Pen back!!! My life isn't complete without it!!! (Where did I put it??? Baka...!!!)Waaaaaaaahhh!!!!

(Yosh!!! Gambatte ne, watashi!!! XO)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just a post!

Senko-san: Hahaha! After all the anxiety and stress... Our finals are OVER!!! Yeah!!!

Riyo-san: Uh-huh... Now you have to be anxious and stress over your results...

Senko-san: *Gasp!* Riyo-san! That's mean!!! Don't be such a party-pooper!!!

Riya-san: I'm just stating facts here...

Senko-san: *Muttering*...You're as mean as always...

Riyo-san: What did you say???

Senko-san: 'B-Be careful of stairways'!!!

Riyo-san: ???

Anyway, everyone! I'll try my best to improve on this blog during the holidays. It's still missing lots of parts... but I'll try to add them a bit at a time... Oh! If any of you have any suggestions, please do share with me, ne? ^_^

To all my TESL fwenz... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! ^3^ See you all next sem!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A student's reflection

Hi! As a starter, I'll upload something I wrote in my friendster/facebook entries before... (It's maybe a rant but I like it, so...) Enjoy! ^_^ P/S: I editted some parts where I used Malay here so... it's in full English.

Heard of the quote "You learn something new everyday"? Well, this is like a compilation of what i have learnt so far 4 dis sem...

1. If you're DEAD tired until ur head spins, u have two options;
a) be bold and skip class (I did... OMG! What's gotten into me???) OR
b) still remain a good student n go to class... to discover that it was worth to skip the class in the first place...(hahaha!)

2. I discovered I have the ability to be XTRA alert in the morning (unfortunately, only 4 a short period of time...) when I drink a mug of coffee the nite be4... (if not, all three of our alarms (mine and my 2 roomates') will continue to scream like crazy and I'll still be in Dreamland... LOL

3. If u rely on a planner to plan ur movements like I do;
a) check ur planner often (That's what its for anyway, right?)
b) REREAD what u wrote IN IT and finally...
(I had to keep my anxiety until the end of the Raya holidays to do my microteaching because of that... and worse, I was the only one left!!! hahaha!!! Serves me right! XD)

4. I learnt the use of "TAG" (Facebook) in an "interesting" way...(ref. to my photo comments @ facebook) Moral of
the story;
a) Don't simply click the damn "TAG" button without "aiming" at someone's face! (Stooooopid mistake!!!)
b) make sure u REAAAAAAALLLLLLY know da full function of a button/link!!!

5. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate lecturers!!! (*Mr. Oringgon *(Name has been changed...LOL) really caught me off guard when he called my name and asked me to give an answer! I really thought that he won't do the "let-me-call-someone-to-answer-the-question" method since he tends to rant in class... convincing us that he was in his own world or something... He nearly gave me a heartattack!!!

6. I realized that my life as a student couldn't be completed without a study table... (Waaaaa!!!!! When can I get a study table??? My legs and back are aching for sitting cross-legged in front of the laptop almost all the time!!!) (Yep, people! I don't have a desk... Poor me... huhuhu)

7. Purchasing food from pasar ramadhan can turn out to be a habit... (For almost a month, I was already getting sick of buying eat-outs... and I know I can cook at home, but I'm being so damn lazy! So, the buying continues... huhuhu...)

8. Sleep whenever u can, wherever u can!!! (I really lack of sleep this semester...*sob*)

9. Being creative can be very, very taxing!!! @.@; (headache...headache...) ahahahaha~...!!!

and finally...

10. Don't assume... I repeat, don't ASSUME that you can pay ur water/electric bills @ the post office (Our mistake!) The person at the counter couldn't even be bothered wit us! (we were left standing stupidly at the counter and when we tried asking how/where to pay the bills, it's like we were invisible!!!) Ugh!!! we're still CUSTOMERS, aren't we??? GEEZ!!!

Thnx 4 reading! I hope u enjoyed wat I've written... (Like I said, it maybe a rant...)I wanted to amuse myself... hahaha! I hope I didn't offend any1, (I didn't mean to!) if I did, pls 4give me, ne?

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)
Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler

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