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Monday, January 12, 2009

Looking back @ WaT/ Koike Teppei clips...

I was just browsing through youtube and stumbled upon this old clip... It still puts a smile on my face... WaT an "ITEM"???

Btw, thanks Pudina, for showing me dis clip!!! ^3^

Here's a short one from Iryu. Teppei's expression (0:24 - onwards) is soooooooo funny!!! LOL

Here, Teppei attempts to talk in English! (It looks like he doesn't even know what he was saying! But he looks so KAWAII all da same! ^_^) LOL

This is from their LIVE tour 2008... They look tired too... Which makes me wanna give em a nice massage... (And mayb a kiss each...??? Nyahaaa!!! XD)

I love the compilation of picts and music in this clip... (pomping14 - I looooove u 4 this!!!)

Well, that's enough for now... there's a lot more... but I don't wanna overdo it... (I think I already did...) LOL! But I hope WaT will continue to do well... I'll always support u, WaT!!!Gambaru ne!!! (And of course, as a Teppei fan, there'll always be a special place for him in my heart... hehehe...)


Pudina Lee said...

WaT gambaru ne!!!


I'll watch em at home later (coz using my frens' broadband..)huhu

soo many CUTE CLIPS! might i add..hihi

RiEn_Akio said...

Of course! LOL

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)
Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler

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Red. Alerts.

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