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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My "Reflectia"

Well... I've learnt a lot during the practicum... and the "lessons" continues on... but just to share with you, I've listed some here... Perhaps they might give some insight... or probably just give you a good laugh... ^_^

Situation 1 : On my first day of teaching, I did a bit of ice breaking where the students introduced themselves to me... After the last student introduced himself...

Me: Okay, thank you for introducing yourselves! Since there so are many of you, please give me some time to memorize your names and...-

(Okay, that was my first MISTAKE!!!)

Student A: Teacher! Teacher! What's my name???
Me: (Caught off guard) H-Huh???
Student B: Me? Teacher? What's my name???
Student C: How 'bout me, teacher???

Before I knew it, the whole class was asking me if knew their names!!! Eeep!!! O.O;;;

Moral of the story? Don't EVER mention "please give me some time to memorize your names"!!!

Situation 2: Okay, if you're supposed to relieve a class, no exercises left by the teacher, the kids are "free"... What would you do?

As for me: Let them do their own work! Just set the rules;
1. NO leaving class WITHOUT permission
2. CONTOL their "noise volume"
3. Mau "wrestling/gusti tangan"? - I'm cool with that BUT if you TOPPLE the tables AND chairs... You're done!
4. NO disturbing/harassing/bullying friends are allowed either! >:(

Situation 3 (In one of my classes):

(I was searching for a whiteboard marker when a student from the back called me)
Me: Yes?
Student A: Teacher... (In a soft, whining voice)

(I thought he was not well...So, concerned, I asked);

Me: What's wrong?
Student A: I miss you, teacher...
Me: ...Huh??? (The word slipped out of my lips...)

(I could hear few stifled giggles as I allow a smile remained glued to my face...)

Student A: You don't miss me ka teacher???
(His friends were giggling again... I pretend not to hear him as I continued to write on the board.)
Student B: Ala.... Cikgu ndak kesian dia ka cikgu??? Tinguk! Mo nangis suda dia!!!
Student A: Ya, cikgu... Ndak kesian saya ka???
(More stiffled laughter...)

In my mind, I could hear myself say; "Dei... mmg masi budak lg dorg ni... ^_^;

Situation 4:
We had about 5 minutes left before the bell rings so I chatted with my students in class... just to encourage them to speak in English... I was correcting a student's pronunciation and...

Student A: Nah, see??? That's why la you! "Padetic"!!!(he was trying to say "Pathetic" to his friend whom I just corrected)
Me: (Slightly annoyed) "Pa-" what? Do you even know what that means?
Student A: (Confidently) I know, teacher!
Me: Okay, what does it means?
Student A: Err... heheh... No, teacher... I don't know....
Student B: Ahahaha! Budu! XD
Student A: Diamla ko! Ko la budu!
Me: (Chuckle) You don't even know what it means, and you still want to say that it? ...Where did you get that word?
Student A: From TV, teacher!
Student B: Yeah, teacher! We learn a lot from the TV, teacher!
Me: Yeah, I bet mostly from those action movies, huh?
Both: (Excitedly) Yes, teacher! The TV's teaching us bad things...- That's why la... We like this...

(They kept cutting each other's sentences)

Me: Uhuh... So, you DO know some of it are not good influences, right?
Me: Then... why'd you copy them?

(Few seconds of silence)

Student B: It's him teacher! (Points at friend) He's the bad influence!
Student A: Eh, mana ada! Ko la tu bad influence! You "padetic", you!!!
Me: ^_^;;;

Situation 4:
Wednesday - Hari Ko-Kum... (So kena pki baju Pandu Puteri la...)

(I was walking towards my class when...)

A student from the class I was heading to: WAAAAHHH!!! (Singing manner) Dia memakai baju serba biru~!!!
Another student: (Continued singing) Dia nampak cantik berseri~ dalam baju biru~!!!
Me: -_-;;

(Looks like I can be spotted from a mile away...)

Situation 5:
I gave group work to my students and I was checking each groups' progress as they continue along...

Me: (Stopped at Group 3) So how're you getting on?
Group 3: Good, teacher! :D
Me: Okay... can I see? (Checked their mind map) Hmm, okay! Keep it up! ^_^
Student A: Uissh! That's because I'm here ba that, teacher! I did all this, teacher!!!
Group members: Yala tu! Eleh!!!
Student A: Btul ba!!! (Looks at me) See, teacher? I did it all ba, teacher!!! Dorg ni duduk ja, teacher!!!
Me: No, I saw your friends doing the work too! So you can't say things like that...
Group members: Nah, kan! Padan muka! Teacher nampak ba!!!
Me: (Chuckle) Okay, okay! Continue with your work! All of you are doing great!
Student A: Okay, teacher! No problem ba tu! I'll do anything for you... (looking straight at me in a somewhat innocent way)
Me: (Dlm hati: O-kay???) Ahahaha...... ^_^;;;

(I was about to turn and check on the other groups when...)

Student A: Teacher! teacher!
Me: (Slightly alarmed) Huh? What's wrong?
Student A: Teacher ada peluh, teacher! (Pointing at my forehead)

(Yeah... their classroom was humid... @.@; But I didn't realize I was sweating like crazy til then!)

Student A: Sini, teacher! Let me help!!! (Taking out a handkerchief)
Me: (Dlm hati: Uh-oh!) Haha! Thanks ___. I think I'll do that myself... Thanks for telling me though! ^_^;;; (Scurries off to another group)

Well... so far, that's a few that I recalled... for now... I'll add on again soon... ^_^

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