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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Act of Kindness...

Last Tuesday, I had a class with 2*...and honestly, I wasn't feeling well. (Due to lack of sleep over the past few days...)

I was aware of the Ss' characters; extremely cheerful and energetic...

So... with the way I was feeling at that moment... How would my class management go?

I decided to ask for cooperation/consideration. So I wrote;

"I am asking for your consideration. I am not feeling well today so please don't make me shout at you..."

And prayed.

I could hear them reading my note aloud to the very last sentence, then...

"Ui! Cikgu ndak sihat! Jan kamu bising sana!" I heard the class monitor.

"Shh! Diam ba kamu!" Another girl scolded the boys.

Up to this point, I could hear most of them shushing each other. I slowly turn to face them, feeling touched... I smiled at them with gratitude... and they returned it.

The boys soon grew noisy again, yet, I do notice their "noise level" were at a minimum... and the girls will continue doing the shushing...

So, the show must go on... I conducted my lessons as planned, even though there were a few glitches, but the activities were completed.

This class... really know how to play with my heart strings...

They can be "chaotic" at times... and those times are VERY frequent...(to the extend of getting a rope and tying them onto their chairs and duct-tapping their mouths... Well, not all of them, of course! And obviously, I can only do this in my head...LOL)

But that day...I really wanted to hug all them and hug them tight!!!

But all I could say was "thank you"...and get warm smiles in return...


Jessica_Lyne said...

awww:) kids can be mindless brats sometimes but they can be very sweet if they put their mind to it:)

RiEn_Akio said...

Yeah... They're really full of surprises... eheh... ^_^

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Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)
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