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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It has been about a week and 2 days (I think...) since me n a few of my frenz saw JASON MRAZ LIVE on stage... @ Stadium Negara, KL... but his beautiful voice and charming personality kept playing in my head...
(Honestly, I didn't know that I'd be THAT 'addicted'... lol)

But ~ after that night, I find myself searching and playing his songs as I do my assignments... and I MEAN ONLY his songs; (from his 3 albums; 'Mr. A - Z', 'We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things' AND 'Waiting For My Rocket To Come'... PLUS a few from 'Tonight, Not Again'...^_^;)

Then, I was on Youtube, where I found these few clips!!! OMG! And the audio was damn good too!!!

*(All clips belong to TehCaster)

The Remedy

You and I Both

And also da all time fav;
I'm Yours

This was my 1st LIVE concert ever and even though it happened to be on one of the CRAZIEST weeks we had... IT WAS WORTH IT!!! And to top it off, we were @ THE PITT!!!
What else should I ask for???
(...Other than wanting to 'tapau' Jason Mraz back wit me... XDXDXD)

And below are some picts to PROVE that WE WERE THERE...!!! (Courtesy of Jess. Thnx hun!!!^3^)

Me, outside of da stadium....
CHEESE~!!! (Alamak! Blur!^_^;)
Another snap! Smile!!! :)

Heading to The Pitt...

OMG!OMG!OMG! He looks sooooooooo HOT!!!

Even in a 'sardined' area, a quick snap 'before, during and after' of oneself is a must! XD

And before we knew it, that nite came to an end... *sob**sob*

Jason... I hope you'll come to Malaysia again... (Klo bleh, pg SABAH ba!!! LOL)


Jessica_Lyne said...

u crazy stalker! hahaha.
I hope he comes again:) ~wishes hard~

RiEn_Akio said...

Me? A stalker??? That makes two of us!!! LOL *Joins Jess wishing hard*

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)

Finished watching...(Click picture 4 more info)
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Red. Alerts.

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