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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today was suppose to be a GOOD Sunday... Since we had a HEAVY week last week.
But a "certain someone" messed up my day... *mutters*

It all began when I entered the kitchen this morning.
I wanted to get something (4got what it was...) then, I saw the fridge door open.
Then, I saw "her" in the kitchen too.
"Nak kasi cair la ais dlm fridge tu..." she said.
"Ok, tapi kasi kluarla suma brg2 dlm fridge tu... Rosak nanti." I replied.

I didn't remember her exact reply, but bottom line, she didn't WANT to take any of the stuff out of the fridge.

(Trigger no. 1)

I didn't wanna say much either after that except; "Bah, ndak pun, ampai newspaper di bwh fridge tu. Basah tu lantai karang..."
And she did, which cooled me down a bit.

Second time I went to get a snack, I saw her washing her clothes and... later, the water flooded half of the kitchen.

(Trigger no. 2)

I subtlely made an exclamation about it by saying; "Alala... Basah suda dapur ni..." and all she said was; "Ya... tadi tu paip tersumbat... sampai melimpah tu air ke sebelah (dapur)..."

(Trigger no. 3)

Later, she dressed herself up and "left the building"... and left us all with MORE frustration to discover that the she had BROKE the freezer door, DIDN'T clean the melted ice ON THE FLOOR OR MOP the water after DOING her LAUNDRY!!!

(AAAAAARGH!!!! @$%$^&&*^*^#)

That did IT!!! I then find myself speaking like a MACHINE GUN to the others!!!

(When you start a task, FINISH IT DAMMIT!!!

(I know they didn't deserve to listen to my ranting... but THANK GOD I got such understanding frenz/housemates... They just gave me light laughs and smiles and tolerated...Thanx hunz!)

After letting out another sigh and listening them telling me to calm down and "bersabar"... I did. But of course, my feelings were still a bit "sore"...

Yet, now I wanna calm down and at LEAST enjoy my night... before heading back to lectures tomorrow... =.=

(Yeah2, my blog entry this time is kinda "sucky"... but heck! I'm posting it anyway!)


Jessica_Lyne said...

it's okay girl, we were all pissed + fed up juga. Wonder what else works besides obvious hints to make her clean up her act..~sigh~

RiEn_Akio said...

Tu la tu... huhuhu... I dun want to paste "new wallpapers" on the walls either... but if she DOES piss me off again...

Anonymous said...

wow.. this is pretty obvious. hehehehe!

RiEn_Akio said...

Heheheh... ^_^;

dyradyana said...

haiya, sapa 2 ar kc piss off kakak gal ni...hehe
but anyway, sabar jak la kn...
(lame, typical ayat tapulang.LOL)

doesnt matter pon k.gal maw post d blog, it is a matter of feeling, a matter of urself,right?

so, cheer up...welcome the becoming weeks yg smakin melimpah ruah ngn asgnment, presentation, microteaching

hope our brains tak tersumbat like the sink! LOL

tk cr, meet ya 8 fac (^__^)

RiEn_Akio said...

Thanx cyg! hehe... mmg time tgh mo stress ni... susah ckit mo jamin tahap kesabaran... tapi... "Sabar jela..." LOL

Yup! Better focus kat assignments yg makin b'lambak ni!!!(Hiyyaaaaaah!!!Kuatkan semangat perjuangan!!! LOL)

Eh...? *Pause jap 'semangat membara'* You girls nyer sink t'sumbat ker? O.O

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