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Monday, November 10, 2008

A student's reflection

Hi! As a starter, I'll upload something I wrote in my friendster/facebook entries before... (It's maybe a rant but I like it, so...) Enjoy! ^_^ P/S: I editted some parts where I used Malay here so... it's in full English.

Heard of the quote "You learn something new everyday"? Well, this is like a compilation of what i have learnt so far 4 dis sem...

1. If you're DEAD tired until ur head spins, u have two options;
a) be bold and skip class (I did... OMG! What's gotten into me???) OR
b) still remain a good student n go to class... to discover that it was worth to skip the class in the first place...(hahaha!)

2. I discovered I have the ability to be XTRA alert in the morning (unfortunately, only 4 a short period of time...) when I drink a mug of coffee the nite be4... (if not, all three of our alarms (mine and my 2 roomates') will continue to scream like crazy and I'll still be in Dreamland... LOL

3. If u rely on a planner to plan ur movements like I do;
a) check ur planner often (That's what its for anyway, right?)
b) REREAD what u wrote IN IT and finally...
(I had to keep my anxiety until the end of the Raya holidays to do my microteaching because of that... and worse, I was the only one left!!! hahaha!!! Serves me right! XD)

4. I learnt the use of "TAG" (Facebook) in an "interesting" way...(ref. to my photo comments @ facebook) Moral of
the story;
a) Don't simply click the damn "TAG" button without "aiming" at someone's face! (Stooooopid mistake!!!)
b) make sure u REAAAAAAALLLLLLY know da full function of a button/link!!!

5. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate lecturers!!! (*Mr. Oringgon *(Name has been changed...LOL) really caught me off guard when he called my name and asked me to give an answer! I really thought that he won't do the "let-me-call-someone-to-answer-the-question" method since he tends to rant in class... convincing us that he was in his own world or something... He nearly gave me a heartattack!!!

6. I realized that my life as a student couldn't be completed without a study table... (Waaaaa!!!!! When can I get a study table??? My legs and back are aching for sitting cross-legged in front of the laptop almost all the time!!!) (Yep, people! I don't have a desk... Poor me... huhuhu)

7. Purchasing food from pasar ramadhan can turn out to be a habit... (For almost a month, I was already getting sick of buying eat-outs... and I know I can cook at home, but I'm being so damn lazy! So, the buying continues... huhuhu...)

8. Sleep whenever u can, wherever u can!!! (I really lack of sleep this semester...*sob*)

9. Being creative can be very, very taxing!!! @.@; (headache...headache...) ahahahaha~...!!!

and finally...

10. Don't assume... I repeat, don't ASSUME that you can pay ur water/electric bills @ the post office (Our mistake!) The person at the counter couldn't even be bothered wit us! (we were left standing stupidly at the counter and when we tried asking how/where to pay the bills, it's like we were invisible!!!) Ugh!!! we're still CUSTOMERS, aren't we??? GEEZ!!!

Thnx 4 reading! I hope u enjoyed wat I've written... (Like I said, it maybe a rant...)I wanted to amuse myself... hahaha! I hope I didn't offend any1, (I didn't mean to!) if I did, pls 4give me, ne?


Pudina Lee said...

Wah time puasa asik g bazaar?

yup2 takkan nk mkn french fries jerk everyday :)

RiEn_Akio said...

Hahaha! Yup... dats wat "the power of LAZINESS" can do to you... (Time posa tu, xleh mkn fries byk sgt gak... cpt haus karang... hehehe)

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